Kala Nea

About Kala Nea

Kala Nea was founded by me, Silvia Schmidt, to provide a home for good visual storytelling. I’m an award-winning documentary filmmaker. I’m here to use my experience to help you tell your story.

No matter how big or small your project, I can support the creative process. I can film for you, I can edit for you and I can help you tell your story in a way your audience will love.  I film on my own Canon C100 markii and edit on Adobe Premiere Pro.

I am an award-winning documentary filmmaker and storyteller. My love of filmmaking started back in secondary school when I would record short films with my friends on a VHS camcorder. Later, I studied documentary filmmaking at University College London, worked on an internationally successful TV show, gained experience as a videographer and producer in London, and now I work as a self-shooting documentary filmmaker and video editor. My shorts have won numerous awards, including ‘best documentary’, ‘best independent film’, ‘best editor’ and ‘best educational film’.

Let me use my documentary filmmaking skills to help you tell your story.

Whatever filming or editing you need help with – get in touch today.