My award-winning documentaries dive into complex themes about identity, home, and hope. Learn more about my latest projects below.


Magne was born with severe brain damage more than 40 years ago. For his first 27 years, he was locked inside his body – unable to speak, write or otherwise communicate with his environment. His world – and the world of his family – was turned upside down when he learned how to express his thoughts and feelings. What are his dreams, aspirations and fears?

Magne was screened at many festivals and has won numerous awards. I am currently working on a feature-length documentary about Magne.

A Sense of Home

This compelling documentary was made for an international exhibition in London on the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. This film is about identity, migration, and faith and weaves together stories from survivors building a new community after WWII and those who followed in peaceful times. Hear from refugees, veterans, war brides, prisoners of war, au-pairs, priests, and others who created a home away from home.

I am currently working on a book that features that wonderful oral histories shown in the documentary. The book will be released in the autumn of 2020, together with a wider release of the documentary.

Robocup – Robots can’t jump

This documentary follows a team of programmers take their little robots across the Atlantic – to play football! The film shows not only the super-human effort of the programmers, but also the progress these autonomous robots make on the field – will they manage to win a game?

I am currently working on a wider release of this documentary and am pleased that the documentary has already been selected to a film festival.

Your stories

If you need help with your stories, I can help you with filming, editing and making sure we tell your story in a way your audience will love.

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