I’m an award-winning documentary storyteller and there is nothing I love more than telling a story visually. Let me use my documentary filmmaking skills to help you tell your story!

Social Media Marketing Videos

I will work with you to establish your social media marketing strategy – who is your target audience, how would you like to reach them and what would you like them to do after watching your story?

I recently worked with the Bold Hearts of the University of Hertfordshire. Using my skills as self-shooting documentary filmmaker, I was able to design, film, direct and edit the videos myself. Have a look below – I made 19 of these clips in total. If you’re into robot-football, you can watch the rest on my vimeo page . I hope you enjoy them!

Marketing and fundraising videos

I work with charities and social entreprises. Life is too short to make videos about causes I don’t believe in, so I only cooperate with partners I love and whose values I stand behind.

A recent example are two videos which I made for a charitable school in Berlin. Working closely together with the director of marketing, we designed two videos: one to attract new students for the school and one to attract new investors. For these videos, I used some footage that had previously been shot by a different filmmaker. I also filmed new materials and shot several interviews with students and key members of staff. I edited and colour-graded the footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. I look forward to helping you with your visual stories, too!

In the spring of 2022 I also completed filming and editing two videos about an open source software. I was given free reign by the commissioning charity and filmed 6 interviews on location. Filming just before a new wave of lockdowns and restrictions in autumn 2021 was tricky, but we managed to show the software “in action”. I opted for a short clip, which can be used as a teaser and/or on social media. For those with a bit more background knowledge, I also edited a slightly longer version, which goes into a bit more depth about open source and the specific software.

Editing and remote-editing

As a documentary filmmaker, I edit my own projects. One of my documentaries won an award for “best editor” – so I must be doing something right. One example of a remote video editing job I completed is the quarantine opera “Toreador”. I edited footage submitted by 60 musicians – you can watch it here:


I have my own equipment – my amazing Canon C100 markii. As a self-shooting documentary filmmaker I always film my own materials and love crafting a story through the lense of a camera. My documentaries have won awards for ‘best documentary’ and ‘best independent film’ and I’m really proud that I managed to achieve this with materials that I filmed myself.

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